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The Halogen handlight is a high-intensity industrial grade rechargeable light that is specifically designed for the most demanding Emergency Service personnel. They are powered by a state of the art 6 volt sealed lead battery and a GE halogen sealed beam. The rugged, weatherproof and impact resistant handlight boasts a blinding (60,000 peak cp) beam of light for up to 4 hours. The It features an extra large handle opening, it is available with 3 different adjustable carry strap . Additionally, it has solid brass charging contacts, one-piece waterproof housing, self cleaning push-button switch and durable shock absorbing rubber bezel.

The base/charger unit incorporates the latest in solid state electronics, super-rugged ABS plastic, single hand release feature and can be mounted in any position. The fully automatic charger features a LED indicator that display Red for charging and Green for charged. Versatile charging capabilities include 110VAC, 220VAC, and 12VDC power sources. 

Bulb:Halogen sealed beam, 6 volt, 8 watt
Battery:Sealed lead acid, 4.5 Ah
Candlepower:Spot up to 60,000cp 
Recharge Time:8-10 Hours
Dimensions:Length 8.5", Width 4", Height 5.5"Weight:3.5 lbs (1.5 kg)
Run Time:4 Hours

Titan w / Vehicle Charger direct wire & Seat Belt Strap-  $174.00
Titan w / Home Charger & Seat Belt Strap-  $174.00
Titan w / AC/DC Charger & Seat Belt Strap- $186.00

FD 1 w / Vehicle Charger direct wire & Seat Belt Strap-  $174.00
FD 1 w / Home Charger & Seat Belt Strap-  $174.00
FD 1 w / AC/DC Charger & Seat Belt Strap-  $186.00

NIGHTSABER AL5000 w / Vehicle Charger direct wire & Strap-  $168.00
NIGHTSABER AL5000 w / Home Charger & Strap-  $168.00
NIGHTSABER AL5000 w / AC/DC Charger & Strap-  $171.00